About us

The Information Resource Center of cultural communication “Dialogue”  is non-governmental not-profit organization. Dialogue Center is an open, secular cultural institution acting beyond any political divisions, the primary purpose of which is to undertake educational, research and cultural activity including but not limited to:

  1. popularizing the heritage of different cultures;
  2. promoting multicultural and multiethnic legacy of Berdyansk;
  3. propagating the idea of tolerance and counteracting any signs of racism, xenophobia and lack of respect for people of different outlooks on the world, different backgrounds and cultures;
  4. undertaking educational activity in the scope of multiculturality for Ukraine and foreign communities and diaspors;
  5. undertaking training and educational activity for children, the youth and the grown-up as well as organizing international exchange,
  6. popularizing art works promoting the idea of multiculturality and multiethnicity,


Dialogue Center is the public cultural institution and education center, created on the base of the multicultural and multiethnic past of Berdyansk, to discuss the history and its influence on today’s life, with the emphasis  on the future of Ukrainian-European relations. An institution open towards the future, attractive for the local, national and international audience.


The Dialogue Center is an institution that preserves multicultural and historical heritage of Berdyansk through education, publishing, art projects and community events, cooperating with many other institutions and organizations in Ukraine and abroad, recognized locally and internationally.