Berdyansk to present the 2020 Bicycle Development Program


The residents of Berdyansk are encouraged to develop bicycle infrastructure in their city and invite representatives of the municipality, the media, active users of two-wheeled transport and those who are just about to master the bike and anyone who cares about creating a safe and comfortable city space for all road users to present the “Berdyansk Bicycle Development Program for 2020”. The event will take place on December 10, at 12:00, in the walls of Berdyansk City Council, audience №60 (Unity Square, 2).
The following issues will be addressed during the event:
• How was the Berdyansk Bicycle Infrastructure Development Program 2020 developed?
• What is the document and what does it give to the city?
• How much will the Berdyansk City Council and a donor receive from the Berdyansk Bicycle Infrastructure Development Program for 2020?
• What are the next steps towards the development of the Berdyansk bicycle infrastructure?

Speakers (s) of the public consultation will answer the question:
– Pavel Lyutskanov – Chief Specialist of the Department of Capital and Current Repairs of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of the Executive Committee of Berdyansk City Council;
– Anna Dvorna – Executive Director of the NGO “Together HUB”;
– Inna Vlasova – member of “Berdyansk Veloclub”;
– Alla Melnychuk – program director, co-founder of “The First Anti-Cafe Berdyansk” Time Is!
The event is free for everyone!
The organizers encourage the participants to prepare their questions.
The presentation on the “Berdyansk Bicycle Infrastructure Development Program for 2020” is being carried out within the framework of the “VeloMista” project, which is organized by the NGO “Spilno HUB” in partnership with Berdyansk Veloclub, Berdyansk’s First Anti-Cafe “TIME IS!” And the Office Housing and Utilities Executive Committee of the Berdyansk City Council with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Media Contact:
Iryna Yarko, Media Coordinator of the NGO “Spilno HUB”,
+38 (097) 424 68 00,

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